VR7-Control Center – Check your settings



Access the Control Center

To access the control center, you can either right click on the VidiReports icon on your hidden icon menu, and click “Control Center”, or open your browser and type https://localhost:9443.

You may encounter a security warning when trying to reach the page, you can safely disregard it.

You will be asked for a username and a password. By default, they are set to admin and secret but you will be prompted to change them.



The first thing you notice once you are connected to the control center is the Security box. It appears because you are using the default credentials. You can click on “Change password” to define a new password and not have the security warning again.


In the top section, you will find information concerning your installation, such as the version you are using, and when VidiReports was started. In the middle section you will see all the video feeds you are currently analyzing. Each one is uniquely identified by a Box ID and you can name your camera feed (by default, the name is set to the box ID).

Different indicators let you see at a glance if everything is fine : the status, the FPS, the camera feed (it should not be black) and the OTS status (the OTS need some time upon start to initialize, during this initialization phase, the OTS status is set to Ok, noisy). The aim is to get green check marks across the board.
In order to have a correct tracking, you need to have at least 8 FPS  (Frames per Second) : a lower FPS would prevent a good tracking, resulting in a risk to count people twice. To increase the FPS, you can lower the camera resolution – do not rush to the camera parameters immediately though, the software takes some time to reach cruising speed.

If you have under 8 FPS, you will see a warning red mark:

These colored marks apply to each field, with the same meaning:  

green for good, yellow for okay,  red for warning



Create a new instance (analyze another camera feed)

In the bottom section you can add a camera feed. This is useful if you are going to analyze two different camera feeds with the same computer. This typically happens with some double sided totems : two screens are powered with one computer, so this one computer needs to analyze the video for each side of the totem.

Check Video

In the “Check Video” tab, the control center lets you see what the camera sends as an image, and allow you to check the placement and tilt of your installation. The detection is represented by the white circle around the face.

This check can be ressource heavy, so you might notice that the number of Frames Per Seconds is lower than what is shown in the Control Center – it will go back to the normal as soon as you close it.

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