Organize your network in VidiCenter – Part 2.4 : Box



4. Box

A box is the name of a computer that runs VidiReports. If a computer runs two instances of VidiReports, there will be two boxIDs for this computer (for instance, if there is one computer that powers two screens and two cameras, you need to differentiate which screen and which camera you are talking about.

A box collects data locally and sends them to the cloud. Once inserted in the database, the data is associated not to box, but to a location. This allows to keep one virtual entity for the screen, even if the computer behind it needs to be changed. This way, you will have box 123 uploading data to location “MSG – Window screen” from October 8th 2017 to January 13th 2018, then the computer is replaced and the new computer has the box ID 456. You can associate box 456 with location “MSG – Window screen”. In VidiCenter, the data will continue to go to this one location, even if the computer changed.

The main actions you will need to perform for a box is :

Associate a box to a location

An important point to remember is that it is not the box that chooses the location it gives data to, it is the location that receives which box it receives data from. So when associating a box and a location, you have to go to a location page. 

On the location page, you can see the box the location is currently tied to (or nothing if it does not have a location), and in the drop down menu, you can see all the boxes that do not have a location associated to them (you cannot take a box that already has a location).

Select from the drop down menu the box you would like to tie to your location.

Delete a box

Everytime you start VidiReports, it reads the config file and knows the boxID that is running. If you start several instances of VidiReports, you may create several box IDs. If you created those boxes by mistake, you can delete them in VidiCenter.

Go to the Box page, and click “Delete” at the bottom of it.

Be aware that deleting a box does not delete the associated location (and vice versa), so you will also need to delete the location.

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