Organize your network in VidiCenter – Part 2.2 : Sites



2. Site

A site is a geographical entity. If you measure different malls for instance, you should have one site per mall.

The different actions you can perform at a site level are:

Create a site

By default, in your VidiCenter account, you start with one site named VidiReports. It is the default site: all newly created locations will be created in this site. You can then move them to another site. 

To create a Site, click on the + sign next to Sites on the side menu. It will lead you to a site creation page where you can create your site. 


Delete a site

If you want to delete a site, go tot the site page, scroll down and press delete.

If you delete a site containing locations, these locations will be inactivated and no longer receive data.


Rename a site

At any moment, you can choose to rename a site. For that, go to the site page, type the new name you want and click Submit at the bottom of the page.


Qualify a site

To have a clean network, you can add:

  • an address
  • a Venue Type and a Venue Subtype (it is a condition if you want to access benchmark data)
  •  tags, that you can then use to select groups of locations in the dashboards
  •  alert thresholds (see our article about monitoring)
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