Install VidiReports 7



Log into your VidiCenter account

When you receive the email from Quividi, go to VidiCenter and define your password, and accept the terms of use (if you agree to them !).

Note : if you are not the network manager, you will not be able to accept those terms, and will be locked out of the platform. The network manager should connect before any other user of the network.

Download VidiReports

Go to your Downloads section and click on the “VidiReports” bouton, it will take you to the latest stable version of our software.

Select the version relevant to your operating system, and then select the network you want your boxes created in. 




When you double click on the software installer, you will get a warning message from Windows. 
Click on “More info” and “Run anyway”.

Accept all questions by default, until you arrive to this screen (see below), here you can choose whether you want to install VidiReports as a regular Software or as a Service. The main difference is that by choosing the Service install, VidiReports will automatically run at startup :


And here you go! Once the installation is done, the Control Center will open. 

You will find all the explanation about it by following this link.


                                                              Steps for Linux can be found in the User Manual

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