Guided tour of VidiCenter – Downloads



Any time you need to download a software from Quividi, it will be in the Downloads section.
The downloads section is split into 3 subsections


If you need to download VidiReports, you will always find the most up to date version of VidiReports there.
This is the only thing you will find in this category.

All software

Quividi has other softwares than VidiReports for Windows and for Linux.
If you are looking for one of these, it will be in this category.
If you want to have access to a software and it is not in the list, please contact your Regional Manager at Quividi.

Specific downloads

If Quividi needs to share with you a specific software, or a file, or a VidiStudio scenario, you will find it in your Specific Downloads section.
If ever something is put in this section for you, you will also receive an email to inform you.

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