Best practice for the physical installation – Cameras



Position & Tilt

The best way to position a camera is to make sure it is placed as close as possible to a person’s eye-level.
Generally, anything between 1.60 meters and 2.00 meters would be great. (Between 5″3 and 6″6).

Quividi’s software has been trained to detect faces that are looking straight to the camera. 
We recommend that you do not tilt your camera more than 15° up or down – this way you ensure that detections won’t be skewed.


Quividi’s software is only as good as the image it receives from the camera !

When the camera has to be placed behind a window that is subject to reflection, the best way to avoid the effect of reflection (glare) on the window is to stick the camera on the window.

Unfortunately there are no magic tricks, if your eye can see the reflection so will the camera. The only variables that one can play with are:

  • distance camera-glass: the closer the camera, the fewer the reflections. Ideally, glue the camera to the glass 
  • indoor light. If the exterior is darker than the interior, the reflection will be more apparent. Avoid using a very bright screen behind the glass, reduce the brightness as much as possible.
  • clean glass: dust or other films may increase the reflection 
  • polarized filter (like one of those): it minimizes reflections but does not eliminate them. You also need to rotate the filter to find the best result 

Wide Dynamic Range

Please make sure the dynamic range of the scene is not causing any issue : if an area is completely overexposed, or underexposed, the software will not be able to detect any faces.

Recent cameras usually have built-in software capabilities to minimize the effect of strong lighting / dark shadows, but you should always double-check that it works in your installation.

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