Monitor your network in VidiCenter – Customize



Adapt the Upload Period Alert to your case

By default, the upload period alert is set to 6 hours. It means that if a location does not receive data for 6 hours (780 minutes), it will raise the “Upload Period alert”. You could want to change that if you only upload data once a day, or if you turn off your computers at night.

The threshold triggering an Upload Period alert is chosen at the site level (all the locations within noe given site will have the same one). To edit this value, go to VidiCenter > Manager > Sites.
Choose the site you want to edit and change the default 780 minutes value to a value of your choice. Click Submit.


Add a Daily watcher alert threshold

Some problems can be difficult to detect, because everything looks like it is working fine. But let’s imagine a situation in which the camera slightly moves and tilts backwards. It sill gets an image and VidiReports analyzes that image. However, instead of pointing at people, it points towards the ceiling, so the watcher count is 0.

This is why we created the Daily watcher alert threshold, that is triggered when the amount of detected watchers goes below a certain percentage of the usual daily count of watchers. You can edit this threshold to whatever you need. 
For that, go to the Site > Daily watcher alert threshold and write the threshold you want (in % of the daily average).

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