Guided tour of VidiCenter – Home Page



The Home page is the default page on which you land when you go to VidiCenter.

It allows you to see:

  • your to-do list: this list shows all the things you could to improve the organization of your network. It will also display if your license is about to expire or if your locations are on alert (camera not found, low amount of watchers…). By clicking on the items of the list, you will be guided to the page in relation to the item.
  • your information: it will show you the number of locations you use, their VidiReports version, and the Regional Manager who takes care of you at Quividi. You can write to them by clicking on their picture.
  • indication about your network: the number of active licenses, sites and boxes you have.
  • a map of the geographical position of your screens. If you write the address of the screens, then they will be correctly positioned, if not, their addresses will be guessed based on the IP address. It is useful and recommended to put the correct address, to see where your problems occur geographically, and if they are generalized or not.
  • a tip of the day: you will have different tips helping you have the best network in VidiCente
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