Best practice for the physical installation – Computer



Daily reboot

To ensure an optimal behavior of Quividi’s software, we recommend that you plan a daily restart of the computer used to run VidiReports. This is a healthy procedure for any computer, and it will help you avoid any issue with possible memory leaks.

Remote access

In most installations, accessing the computer physically is not practical at all. We recommend that you setup a remote access to the machine in case you (or Quividi’s support team) need to intervene.

We usually work with TeamViewer, but many other solution exist.


VidiReports functions optimally at 8 or more Frames per Second. Anything under this will alter the detection, tracking and classification made by the software.

Please refer to the Control Center article to understand which parameters affect the framerate, and how to best select them according to your installation.


 VidiReports functions on CPU only, leaving your GPU free for graphics-intensive tasks and software like Content Management Systems. 

However, depending on your selected video feed resolution, the required CPU power can be vastly different, and may push your computer to its limits in some cases. We recommend to make sure that you stay in the nominal behavior of each hardware part to avoid over-heating and damages. Dimensioning your machine according to your needs can be done with the help from our tools (see above).

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