Guided tour of VidiCenter – Support



Our support is hosted on .

If you click on any link of that category, you will be guided to that website. You need to be a customer to access all the articles (except the introduction ones). To login, you will need the same credentials as the ones you use for VidiCenter. If you are already logged into VidiCenter, by just clicking “Login” you should automatically be logged in.

In VidiCenter, you have 4 subcategories in the support section:

Video tutorials

The link Video tutorials will open up a page letting you watch 3 video tutorials:

  • An overview of VidiCenter
  • Organising your network
  • Creating a dashboard

It may be redundant with this website. We chose to do written tutorials because they are faster to read, to find the interesting part for the reader, and to keep up to date for us

User manual

This will open the article in our help called “VidiCenter User manual”.
It is very complete, so if you plan on spending time working in VidiCenter, reading it first is a good thing.

Knowledge base

This will just open the home page, in which you can search any topic of your choice in the search bar.

Support ticket

If you don’t find the answer to a problem or a question you have, on or on this website, you can write a ticket to us. It will be read and answered by someone from our support as soon as possible.

Please make sure you try to find the answer in our help or our learn sites before opening a ticket.

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