Control Center – Check your settings



Access the Control Center

To access the control center, you can either right click on the VidiReports icon on your hidden icon menu, and click “Webserver”, or open your browser, and type localhost:81 (for Linux users type localhost:2074).

You will be asked for a username and a password. By default, they are set to admin and secret but you can change them.


The first thing you notice once you are connected to the control center is the Security box. It appears because you are using the credentials by default. You can click on “Change password” to define a new password and not have the security warning again.


In the Status section, you will find information concerning your installation, such as the version you are using, in what mode (gates or viewers), when VR was started, if your license is about to expire, it is shown as a warning, to give you a heads up and let you time to extend your license.

If there is at least one point that seems problematic, you will have a warning sign indicating a warning. (In this screenshot, there is a warning about the license coming to an end).

Video Source

The control center lets you see what the camera sends as an image, only for a few minutes. After that, the snapshot is disabled (the only moment when you need to see the camera feed is when your installation).

If you have a doubt about the camera position and the snapashot is disabled, you can restart VidiReports, and see the snapshot for a few minutes.


In the processing section, you will see the number of FPS (Frames per Second) that you are getting and if the image input is correctly received.

You need to have at least 8 FPS to have a correct tracking (to avoid counting people twice). If you have under 8 FPS, you will receive a warning. To increase the FPS, you can either lower the camera resolution or increase the number of threads (see Finetuning).

Data Uploads

In the Data Uploads Section, you can see if VidiCenter is reachable (if not, check your firewall or your proxy and make sure that is enabled). Here is what you should be seeing:

If you don’t have green checkmarks, then it is worth trying to do an upload manually, for that, Click on Data > Database and “Upload data now”. You should then be seeing green checkmarks. It could be that the previous upload could not go through because of internet connection problems.

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