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Publish your scenario

Your scenario is ready to be published.

When a scenario is published, it becomes an html files associated with different folders. To call your scenario on screen, you can open the index.html in Google Chrome (we do not recommend using other browsers) and it will start playing (as long as VidiReports is running on the same computer).
You cannot separate the index.html file from the other folders, because it needs them (for instance, all the graphic assets are stored in data, the conditions about the audience are stored in js…), so make sure to always keep the main folder as a whole.

Publish your scenario
In VidiStudio, 

  1. click on Publish scenario > Generate HTML application…
  2. A pop up window will appear to let you choose where to save the folder
  3. Note that you don’t need to define the name, it takes the name of the Porject you set in the Project Properties.
NB: this publishes the scenario, it doesn’t save the scenario file to be edited in VidiStudio. If you want to save the scenario to work on it later, go to Project > Save as, and you will be able to define the name you want to give to the project. The project will have a .vdstudio extension, allowing to keep all the assets together with the editable decision tree.

When your scenario is published, open the fodler in which you placed it, and double click on the index.html file to make sure that it is working. you won’t have the little debug widgets (the video feed and the state name) to help you understand what is happening, just like your audience will not be more guided than that when seeing your scenario, so if you find it hard to understand, work on it to make it easy for your audience.

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