Install VidiReports 6



Set up your VidiCenter user account

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When you receive the email from Quividi, go to VidiCenter and define your password, and accept the terms of use (if you agree to them !).

Note : if you are not the network manager, you will not be able to accept those terms, and will be locked out of the platform. The network manager should connect before any other user of the network.

Download VidiReports

Go to your Downloads section and click on the All Downloads section, then select vidireports 6.4.34 for the OS you use.

Download your license

Now that you have downloaded VidiReports, you also need to download your license. In VidiCenter, go to Manager > Licenses.
On the license page, download the quividi_vidireports.lic file.



Steps to follow with the installer (Windows)

When you double click on the software installer, you will get a warning message from Windows. 
Click on “More info” and “Run anyway”.

Run VidiReports anyway

Allow VidiReports to make changes to your device

                                                     All questions can be accepted by default in the installer.

Once this installation is done, make sure to paste your valid license file quividi_vidireports.lic in the relevant folder :                      C:\users\Public\Quividi\VidiReports-Pro\VidiReports

And here you go! Once the installation is done, go to the Config Center to fine tune your configuration :

  • on Windows : localhost:81
  • on Linux : localhost:2074

You will find all the explanation about it by following this link.


Steps to follow with the installer (Linux)

Installation on Linux is pretty straightforward in most cases, please refer to this document.

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