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Config - Masks

In the control center, you can choose to hide some pixels of the video feed.

The main reasons why you would need to do that is

  • if there is a false detection that may occur often at this place of the image (if a TV is facing the camera, every person appearing on TV will be detected)
  • To reduce the size of the image to analyze: when you use masks, the pixels under the masks are not analyzed so the amount of pixels to analyze at each frame is lower allowing for more FPS.

Note :

You can set up one positive mask (i.e. a mask that restricts the analysis to a specific region in the image) and up to eight negative masks (i.e. masks that block parts of the image). To draw a mask simply click and drag your mouse over the image; by default you will obtain a negative mask. After drawing the mask you can:

  • move the mask: place your cursor within the mask and drag (for the positive mask, place the cursor on the edge)
  • resize the mask: place the cursor on the lower-right corner of the mask and drag
  • convert the mask to a positive maks: select the mask and press the ‘i‘ key; only one positive mask is available at any time
  • delete the mask: select the mask and press the ‘delete‘ key
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